Employer additional super contributions

Employers are able to make additional employer contributions to their employees superannuation fund.

This setting can be useful where employers choose to pay additional superannuation on top of the compulsory superannuation guarantee (SG).

This feature needs to be switched on in your platform, and then you'll need to select per employee who it applies to (as there can be varying combinations for businesses depending on your agreements).

Enabling employer additional contributions on your platform and per employee profile:

1. This setting needs to be enabled on your platform via Full menu> Payroll Settings> Superannuation toggling the 'Allow employer additional super contributions' setting to on and saving the settings. Each employee profile will display an 'Employer additional super contributions field' within financial details.

2. To set employer additional super contributions up on an individual employees profile, navigate to the Financial icon > Financial and select edit to apply a fixed dollar amount or a percentage value and save.



3. Once set up. an additional field in the edit screen of the pay cycle will display the Employer Additional Super Contribution separately.  

Please note: The employer additional super contribution field will only appear if set up on the employees profile.


4. The employees payslip will display employer additional super contribution separately.

Please note: That the YTD total will be the year to date for all superannuation contributions.


If you would like to report on employee or employer contributions, the below reports contain the relevant fields:

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