Offboarding Template Email for Admins

The  Offboarding Message Admin template will make it easier to communicate with various recipients in your business once an Employee starts offboarding. This new feature will allow you to:  

  • Send employee offboarding emails (or sms if enabled on your platform) to the Employee's Manager as well as specified admin email addresses listed in your CRM in foundU
  • Create email content that automatically sends once the trigger point (offboarding process) has been activated (Ie. manager triggers this from actions in Employee Card)
  • Create destination specific messaging for more than one person/s in one email template (i.e Person 1- please collect laptop, Person 2- please collect credit card, Person 3, please conduct Exit interview, etc.)
  • Use tokens (e.g. name placeholders) to customise your email content to the recipients 


To customise your Offboarding template:

1. Navigate to the hamburger icon to open the Full Menu and select Communication > Communication Content.

2. Under the template name heading look for Employee Offboarding Admin Template or you can use the Search Bar and type in 'Employee Offboarding Admin Template' to locate the template.


3. Select the Employee Offboarding Admin template. You will notice that Template Type will be set as Dynamic which means the email has the ability to be sent to multiple recipients. You also have tokens (placeholders for name etc) available for use to customise your message.

  • #name- will pull through the employees name
  • #employee id- will pull through the employees individual id number
  • #additional_message_text- message that will go to another recipient
  • #company- platform name
  • #domain- domain name

4. Adjust the detail to suit:

  • Send Email - on/off
  • Use Default Email Subject- or compose your own
  • Email content - create your own content for the notification, or leave blank to use the default content below.
  • Email Attachments-add attachments to the email. Preferred files must be .jpg .png, or pdf with a maximum file size of 3MB.
    • Note that you cannot send word or excel files.
  • Send SMS - on/off
  • Custom Destination - Choose who you would like to receive the notification. Employee Manager or Contact.

5. To trigger this content to be sent. Navigate to the Overview section of the Employee's card. scroll down to Actions> select Send Offboarding Emails. Then select Send Offboarding Email. mceclip0.png

The content of the email will then send to the relevant email addresses.

Please note the recipients need to be set up in your CRM > Contacts list and enabled for messaging. Add CRM contacts including bulk contacts.


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