Generate Termination Data for Employee

Upon finalising an employee’s termination pay, the employee profile can be archived in a two step process:

  • Select the desired employee via People > Approved people or via the search menu to open the Employees Profile which displays the overview.
  • In the employees overview, scroll down to the bottom to view the Actions section and select the blue arrow on the Terminate Person line.


In the screen that pops up, you will see a warning that indicates you should only proceed if you want to terminate employment. 

If you wish to continue, please select the following:

  • Termination Date: Last day of employment
  • Operation (optional): This is the Operation the employee is associated to. This data will flow through to the terminations report.
  • Reason: Select an option to apply reason for termination, if required. Click here to see how to create additional reasons.
  • Comment (optional): Enter any relevant termination information.

Processing this request will generate a final STP packet for this employee, you should only proceed if the final pay for this employee has already been processed. 


The above information will display in the Terminations Report.

Once the Employee is terminated you will notice the Actions area will now show you the date that the employee was terminated as well as an Edit/Undo option for any changes that may need to be made.


If you do need to make changes to the termination the following screen will allow you to do so.


Finally, you can archive the employee’s profile by selecting the blue arrow on Archive Person. You will have the option to:

  • Archive – No Notification: Employee profile will be archived, however no email notification will be emailed to the employee
  • Archive – Send notification Email: Employee profile will be archived and an email notification will be sent to the employee.

Please note: If you Archive an employee who has remaining shifts a warning box will come up asking you to select what you would like to do with the remaining shifts. (see image below)


Please note: Once an employee is archived you will be able to see past shift and clocked times in Approved Shifts. This employee's row will be locked from editing.

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