Termination Payments

Terminations in foundU can be done easily in a 2 step process:

  1. First you'll need to edit the payslip.
    • Please note if your termination is a Eligible Termination Payment (ETP), the process is slightly different, please click here.
  2. Then you'll need to terminate an employee’s profile, click here.
Edit Payslip
  1. To access the Edit Payslip screen, navigate to the Payroll quick menu and select > Pay which will then display your draft payslips
  2. Apply the relevant period end filter and search for the employee. Select Actions > Edit.

Pay out leave entitlements (where relevant):

You may pay out an employee’s leave entitlement balance by clicking the drop-down arrow on the relevant leave type and selecting the termination option e.g. Annual Leave: Termination.

  • You will be prompted to select the appropriate STP reportable label:
    • Include in Gross Payments
    • Lump Sum A Redundancy
    • Lump Sum A Termination

An icon will appear on the line item referencing the STP allocation.

Upon finalising any further edits, the payslip can be generated.

Please note: To apply PAYG withholding for lump sum annual and long service leave payments, you may enable the Override Tax option to manually enter the applicable tax amount.

Employee going from full time to casual & payout entitlements

If you have an existing full time employee e.g. Jane going to a casual position, when you add in the  new positions details, a pop up will come up asking you if you'd like to pay out leave entitlements.

Use the toggles to choose which leave types you'd like to pay out. When these are selected they will appear on the employees payslip. 

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