Importing Contacts to an Operation

You have the ability to bulk import contact details for Operations by importing a CSV file.

This will allow you to:

  • add bulk contact details at one time.
  • utilise the CRM function of the platform more fully by having contacts readily available.

To import contacts to an Operation:

1. Navigate to the Hamburger Icon to open the full menu and select Integrations > CSV Import.

2. Click on the drop down box and scroll down to Operation Contact Import.

3. In middle of the screen you will see a section which contains the Step 1 section you can download a blank file with the columns pre-filled so that you can copy and paste your contact data into the pre created columns. Additionally you can see an example by selecting Download Sample. Step_1_sample.png

3. One you have your data in the format required for importing. Then in the Step 2 section select Choose the file you would like to Import.

4. Click Import CSV.

If you encounter an error during the upload of the CSV file there is a General Guide at the top of the page to determine the changes you may have to make to your data before the file will import. 

The CSV file import will be helpful when you need to upload many contacts at once.



You can now navigate to Contacts Icon to see the full list of contacts for your Operation. 

  • You can Add, Edit or Delete Contacts here as well.

You can access your complete list of Contacts from the CRM> Contacts in the Hamburger Menu.



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