Processed Leave Movement Report

The leave movement report allows you to check the leave balance movement between two dates represented in hours.

Examples for use:

  • To ascertain how many hours your leave liability has increased or decreased by between two dates. 
  • Can be used for highlighting the difference in leave accrual, which can then be added to your accounting software.
  • This report is designed to run on processed payroll data. 

To generate the leave movement report:

1. Navigate to Reports > Financial and from the Accruals & Liabilities section select Leave Movement Report.

2. Select your parameters:

  1. Select the Duration (time range that you'd like).
    1. Custom date range- allows you to select the desired range for transactions processed.
    2. The 'All data' option is used for displaying transactions processed for the entire duration of employment. 
  2. And your preferred Grouping/s by:
    1. Employee ID
    2. Operation ID
    3. Office Code ID
    4. Cost Centre
    5. Leave Type
  3. You can leave the filters blank to view all or you can choose specific filters such as Employees, Operation, Office Codes and Leave Types.
  4. The checkbox options allow you to exclude any hour balances that are zero or you can hide the total column when you export (if needed).


3. Once you submit the report you can also Export in CSV or PDF or Print.

  • The search function on the left also allows you to see a specific employee for example in a larger list.

Below is an example of the report output (Grouped by Employee and Leave Type).

Note: The hours displayed is the net amount of leave transactions between the specified dates. Ie. Considers accruals, leave taken and manual adjustment entries.


Note: If this report is run before your current pay run. The report will show leave movements only up until the date of the last pay run.