Availability and sorting when adding employees to the roster

When adding employees to your roster, you can now see and sort by availability along with sorting by name, age or hours worked.

When you're creating shift in your Work> Roster >Open desired roster> select + People and you will now see the below options when selecting employees.

Availability can be toggled (turned on/off) to sort along with the additional sort options, which means you'll always see available staff at the top, or sorted by your preference.


When you're sorting by availability, the below availability may display:

  • Available
  • Unavailable
  • Conflicting Shifts- employee is already scheduled to work a shift.
  • On Leave


You are able to sort ascending or descending by:

  • Name
  • Hours Worked
  • Age

Along with the above sorting options, you can enable additional employee flags to display on the roster, and the employee selection menu.

Additional Employee flags:

  • Employment Restriction
  • Special Condition
  • Workcover

When you turn on the Employment Restriction option (or another employee flag option), the following descriptions will also be displayed when drafting a roster.


Once the setting has been enabled, any employee with the above toggled on will display underneath employee on the roster:


 As well as the employee selector in create shifts or add employee:



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