Prevent position editing when using Submit Shifts

If you get your employees to Submit Shifts for hours worked via their employee portal/app, you have the ability to prevent them from editing the Position set on the shift (as originally set when rostered).

This can be set per employee or in bulk:

Employee portal/app - Submit Shifts (Edit View):



To set this per employee:

1. Go to People, Approved People.

2. Find the employee and select their name to go into their profile.

3. In the overview, change the setting 'Can Edit Shift Position'. 

Blue = On / Yes  |  Grey = Off / No

When off, the employee will be able to see the Position for the shift (as per screen shot at the top), but will not be able to click to change it.



To set this in bulk:

1. Go to People, Approved People.

2. Use the filter to find the group of employees or use the checkbox next to the names to select manually.

3. Select Bulk Actions, 'Set Submit Shift Setting for Selected'.


4. Change the setting 'Employee can edit shift position' to suit.

Blue = On / Yes  | Grey = Off / No

Please note: 'Enable submit shifts for selected employees' must be turned on for this option to appear.






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