Using the Tag feature you're able to add certain fields to an Operation (client or venue) profile which you are then able to use for reporting and/ or filtering purposes.

A few common scenarios include:

  • Industry
  • Size of business
  • Site Visits etc

To add a Tag:

  1. in the quick menu navigate to Operation > Approved Operation.
  2. Locate your desired Operation (client or venue) from the list or using the search field.
  3. Click on the name to go into their profile.
  4. Select the Details icon in the Operations Profile.
  5. Open the Tags section.
  6. Then click Edit. Here you can assign a tag group and tag to the Operation (client or venue)
  7. Use to add multiple tags and when complete Click Update


 To update an existing Tag:

1. Select Current Tag and click on Update and then Edit the tag.

2. Use to add multiple tags and when complete Click Update


To bulk assign tags to multiple clients:

1. Navigate to Operations > Approved Operation and select your desired operation by clicking on the name.

2. Use Show Filter to select your desired operations (clients).

3. Once you've selected your Operations (clients or venue) select Bulk Actions > Assign Tags to Selected

4. Select the desired Tag Group and Tags & Assign.


5. If you'd like to double check that the Tags have been assigned, select an Operation and navigate to Details > Tags to see the Current Tags.


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