Approve Shifts: View Clock Log Locations & Clock icon status

When you have enabled Geolocation clocking on the Employee Portal (Employee App), in Time & Attendance > Approve Shifts you'll see a button called View Clock Log Locations


The below location icons will appear both in the View Clock Log Locations and also on Approve shifts where Clocked shifts appear.

Note: Only one icon will appear for clocking in/out.


To view the status click on the icon to view the Clock details

  • Click on the icon and the Clock details will display


Clocking using the foundU Clock App

Blue clock icon


  • Clocked in and out with the foundU Clock App (doesn't use geolocation)


Red clock

Note you may also see a red clock icon when there is no end time (comes up as a Red exclamation icon see  below).


Clocking using the foundU Employee App 

Blue icon


  • Successfully clocking (in and out) within the boundary drawn by admin

Blue outline icon


  • Employee clocked in and is currently working on their shift


  • If the employee didn't clock out, the icon will display in Blue outline only & show 'Didn't clock out in red'

Yellow icon

  • Clocking successful based on GPS accuracy of 25 M


Red icon

  • Clocked in but no clock in location e.g phone gps location may be off.
  • Crossed out location icon- If either clock in or out has no clock in location.

Red ! exclamation mark icon


  • Red exclamation mark icon when employee clocks in but they're outside the boundary the admin has set for clocking location (including if there was one successful on shift location clocking).


Crossed out red location icon


  • Clocking out outside the roster boundary or no clock location

To view where the employee clocked from outside the boundary select View Clock log locations


This will display the Clock log locations per roster in most recent clocking order.



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