Export your teams leave into an external calendar

You're able to export your teams leave into an external calendar (ical) for example:

  • Outlook
  • Apple calendar
  • Gmail etc

 To export your team's leave calendar:

1.  Enable the setting on your Platform via Leave Rules> Leave Settings


2.  Enable the toggle on for Allow admin users to create public calendar links and save settings.



3. Then a prompt will appear with a url link to copy into your chosen calendar. Select OK to close the prompt.


4. Add the link to your chosen calendar (see below for instructions based on your chosen calendar), including you preference for how often you would like the calendar to be updated with the leave information. 

Leave imported will include:

  • Pending leave
  • Approved leave
  • Declined leave
  • Processed leave

Leave imported will be for your team, which means that user restrictions will apply, e.g. you can only see your teams leave, but not everyone in your organisation if your permissions are set up to only see your team.

Please note: that when you import leave, you will only have one months leave history from the date of import.

Please note: leave links may expire if a new leave link is created, ensure to confirm that your external calendar is up to date.

Adding the leave link to Outlook Calendar

  • Import or subscribe to a calendar in Outlook

1. Open your Outlook and select your Calendar icon to view.

2. Select the + Add Calendar and then choose the From Internet Option

3. Copy the link from foundU into the New Internet Calendar Subscription pop up and select Ok.

4. You'll now see entries for the days where there are leave events in your outlook calendar.


Adding the leave link to Apple Calendar

1. Select your Calendar menu and select Subscribe, enter the url link form foundU.

2. Select your iCal to update this calendar when changes are made to leave events by selecting the refresh checkbox & select ok.


Adding the leave link to Gmail Calendar

1. Open your Gmail Calendar and on the left side select Other Calendars > Add by URL

2.  Copy in the url link from foundU into the calendar and select Add calendar to import your teams leave events.


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