You're able to see a history of your employees clocking in and out for shifts and breaks via Time & Attendance > Clock Log.

This includes clocking via:

  • foundU Clock via workplace IPad for example or
  • Employee App

To filter the results:

1. Select the desired:

  • From and To date
  • Operation (Venue or client)
  • Roster
  • Employees
  • Salaried Only- will display only Permanent Full Time and Part Time staff.


You can choose to display additional data by selecting the Display check box with the following options if you wish:

  • show on site personnel only- this option will display who has clocked in and is on site for the selected date.


  • show shift duration as a decimal- for example selecting this option would display Shift duration of 20 minutes as 0.33 instead.
  • show RSA information- selecting this option will display the employees RSA File and expiry date.



2. Select Submit.

You can use the number of results to see more results on the page or the search bar to search for a specific person.

You can also view the clocking locations for employees who have been enabled (by their admin) to clock in via the employee app.

1. The Clock log history shows:

  • Log ID - unique ID for the clock in/out
  • Operation- Venue or Client
  • Roster
  • Employee name
  • Clock in icon (blue for clocked in or red if not clocked in), date and time 
  • Clock out icon (blue for clocked in or red if not clocked in), date and time
  • Break start time
  • Break finish time
  • Comment in- will display in dark blue when there is a clock in comment
  • Comment out- will display in faded blue when there is no clock in comment
  • Pictures- if a picture is taken on the foundU Clock IPad for clocking In/Out


You can sort by one column by clicking on the desired field e.g. Operation will sort alphabetically A-Z or reverse alphabetically Z-A if clicked on a second time.


3. You can also Export a CSV file of the data by selecting CSV Export and selecting which data to export.


Example of the exported data in CSV:


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