Clock in error: We can't determine your location

If your phone's GPS location settings are disabled for the foundU Employee App, you may receive and error which says:

 We can't determine your location. Try again later.

  • You'll need to switch on your phone's location settings to be able to clock in.



 We can't determine your location. Please check your phone location settings. You can still clock in, but you'll need to provide a reason.

    • By providing a reason (this comes through to your foundU admin) you can then clock in.


If you would like to turn on location settings, the below general steps may be helpful for switching on your location settings for an IPhone, Android or a Samsung device.

Switching on location settings on an IPhone:

1. Select Settings > Privacy > Location Services

2. Make sure that Location Services is on

3. Scroll to find the foundU app.

4. Tap the app and select an option- While Using the App.



Switching on location settings on an Android:

1. Open your phone's settings app

2. Tap Security & location

3. Tap Location

4. Turn Use Location on or off

5. Tap app level permissions

6. Locate the foundU App and confirm that the location setting is on for the foundU App.


Switching on location settings on an Samsung:

1. From home, tap Apps > Settings >Connections

2. Tap Location

3. Tap On/Off to turn on Location Settings


Note: If you have an older version of the software on your mobile device, you may need to check that your phone is compatible, and additionally research how to switch on settings specific to your phone.

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