Employee App and Location settings

The Employee app contains the ability for employees to clock in and out on their mobile devices, with options to use the employees GPS location.

The setting are located via hamburger icon > opens the full menu > Platform Settings > Clock Settings.

The below Employee App Clock Settings can be switched on/off:


Allow employees to clock in or out with their employee app.

  • When enabled, and you have switched on 'Employee Clock Enabled' on the employees profile.


  • You can also select multiple employees via People > Approved People and selecting desired employees, click Bulk Actions button select 'Enable employee clock for selected'.


  • Employees are then able to see a 'Clock in' clock symbol on their home page which they can then select to clock in/ out.


Allow employees to clock in or out without location settings turned on.

  • When enabled, employees can clock in/ out through the employee app, even if they do not give the app permission to use their GPS location.
  • Admins won't be able to see where the employee is clocking in/ out from but they can clock in and out.


Allow employees to clock in when they're outside the location zone.

  • When enabled this allows employees to clock in or out when they are outside of the location zone i.e. the boundary that admins draw around the worksite.
  • When disabled, this means that employees cannot clock in or out until they're inside the location zone. 


Automatically approve shifts if clock And out times are within the threshold when using Employee App.

  • When enabled, if rostered shift times and employee clock in times match (or are within the acceptable time frame e.g. 15 mins) this will automatically approve the time in Approve Shifts.
  • Note that if only the clock in time is within in the acceptable time frame, the whole shift will need manual approval.


Employee App and foundU Clock.

  • It's recommended that you use either the Employee App or foundU Clock for clocking in or out.
  • I.e. You cannot clock in with foundU Clock and then use employee app for breaks etc.
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