Download the Employee App & Login

You're able to Download the Employee App on your mobile device.

1. First ensure that your device is compatible

2. To download the app:

On an IPhone:

1. Open your App Store

2. Search for 'foundU'

3. Select the foundU Employee App to download


On an Android (e.g. Google Phone or Samsung):

1. Open the Play Store

2. Search for 'foundU'

3. Select the foundU Employee App to download


Once downloaded, you'll be able to log into the employee app.

1. Use your email and employee portal password to log in.

2. If your email address is registered with multiple operations, you'll be prompted to choose an operation.

Please note to log into another operation you will need to log out and log back in to choose the new operation.

If you've forgotten your password you'll need to reset is using 'forgotten password'.





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