Compatible Software for Geolocation

The Geolocation setting can be switched on with the Employee App which allows employees to clock in and out within a certain area (boundary) and use their mobile phone GPS location.

Compatible software versions:

  • IPhone: ios 10 and above.
  • Android  e.g. Google Phones and Samsung: Android 5 and above.

All phones running the above versions or above should be able to utilise this setting.

Checking the software version on your mobile device:


1.Go to Settings > General

2. About

3. Software version of the phone is listed, for example 12.4



  1. Go to Settings and scroll to the About Phone section
  2. Software version of the phone is listed, for example Android 7.1.1



1. Go to Settings > About Phone

2. Software Information

3. Android version (software version) for example is 9.


Note: If your phone is not running the operating system, you may need to update your software otherwise you may not be able to use Geo location.

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