Setting location zones for clocking in/ out

When you have enabled employee app clock ins which uses geolocation (the phones GPS to locate the phone), you are able to set the zone where employees are able to clock in from.

To set the boundary or area where employees can clock in to work:

1. Navigate to Work > Rosters

2. Edit Roster and select the Roster Location Tab

3. You are then able to select the boundary or clock in area in two ways:

  •  You can enter a Boundary Radius e.g. 50 m or


  • Click on the Draw Clock Boundary button
    • First you'll need to click on the map to bring the move or centre the map location


  • Click a second time and draw out the circle to lock in the location. This will then set the new Radius based on the drawn boundary.


  • Save

Once the boundary is set, employees will:

  • Be able to clock in/ out within the boundary
  • If they are clocking in/ out, outside of the boundary, a message will appear prompting them to provide a reason for why they are clocking outside the boundary.
  • This reason can be seen from Approve Shifts including the View Clock Log Locations.

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