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Submit Shifts is a modernised process for timesheet management. It allows employees to submit hours they've worked daily via their employee portal, alongside extra information such as leave taken, comments and uploading files e.g., medical certificates.

The employee can be rostered on, or not rostered at all. Once the shift is submitted, it will go into Approve Shifts pending approval by admin.

Additionally you can have employees upload a physical timesheet to assist with approvals for shifts. These timesheets are also automatically attached to invoices that are sent out to clients.

If this is something you are interested in using, we'd recommend having a chat to our customer success team on the best way to roll this out - just shoot them an email at

See our 2 min Submit Shifts video below!

Enable Submit shifts for use in your foundU platform

To enable the Submit Shifts setting for employees, this involves:

  1. Enabling the Submit shifts setting to be used in your Platform.
    • Note: If you are currently using timesheets, you will not be able to use timesheets with Submit shifts.
  2. Select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform Settings > System Settings.
  3. Switch the toggle 'on' for the setting 'Allow employees to submit shifts'.
    • This will now show 'Can Submit shifts' toggle on employee's profiles

Select which employee's will be submitting a shift

Enabling Submit Shifts toggle on employee's profile.

To switch on for an individual employee:

  1. Navigate to People > Approved people and select the desired person or search for the desired person using the search box.
  2. In the Employees Overview, enable 'Can Submit Shifts' toggle to 'on' and save.

To switch on for multiple employees:

  1. Navigate to People > Approved people and select the desired people
  2. In Bulk Actions select 'Set Submit Shift Setting for selected'
  3. Enable toggle 'on' and save

  4. Once enabled, employees will be able to see a 'Times Icon' in their Employee Portal

Note: If you have salaried staff who have the setting 'automatic payment' option on, meaning that their hours do not need to be approved a manager each day. Submit shifts will not be available for those employees (as they do not appear on Approve Shifts).

If you still cannot see Submit Shifts in the times menu?

Please note that if you recently changed to Submit Shifts on your platform with the assistance of the Customer Success team and you still cannot see the Times menu displayed below for an employee that is enabled to submit shifts, this is likely because you have old timesheets that need to be located and managed (either submitted or deleted) first.

How employees submit shifts

When your business uses Submit Shifts, your employees will be able to view their shifts and Submit Shifts for the past shifts employees worked through the times icon in the Employee App.

There are 2 ways in which employees can submit their shifts worked:

  1. They are rostered for the shifts and hence will see the rostered shift in their Times section in the Employee App. At the end of the day, they will review the shift and submit it.
  2. They can submit a shift that they weren't rostered for, but worked by adding the shift to their Times section in the Employee App.
    • Once submitted these then flow through to Approve Shifts for admin users to approve.

Submitting a shift:

Each day employees will need to submit their shifts worked for the day before. To do so they:

  1.  Select Times from the menu.
  2.  Edit the shift to add in their break start time and duration.
  3. And then select the relevant Week Starting if needed. This will default to the current week.

Employees will not be able to submit shifts for days/times in the future.

To submit a shift that an employee is rostered on for:

  1. The employee will locate the rostered shift listed in Times in the Employee App. They will review the details, enter in the time that they started their Break and select the Submit button.

To submit a shift that an employee hasn't been rostered on for:

  1. The employee will select Add to Week in the times menu in the Employee App.
  2. Add Shift details
    • Date
    • Break start time- when the employee began their break. E.g.,12.00 pm
    • Break length- how long their break was for. E.g., 30 min
    • The above information automatically calculates the break end time
    • Roster- select the roster you worked on
    • Select the specific Position you worked for
  3. Save & Create Shift and this also submits the shift for you.

Depending on your business, employees can also add:

  2. Leave (if your business adds leave in this way)
  3. Allowances Please note, for allowances that apply to a specific position. Only employees who have this position will be able to see that allowance as per the Pay item/ Allowances settings.
  4. Documents
  5. Be prompted to submit a physical timesheet in additional to submit shifts at the end of each week for each employer worked (this is a system setting which needs to be enabled).


Completed View:

Once Employees have added in their Submitted shifts, they will now display in Your Shifts in the Times section and a button will appear which shows that 'You're up to date'.


Please note: Employees can only edit times that they have created. They can edit break times for shifts created by Admins.

If your business requires you to submit a physical timesheet. You can do so once you have submitted all you shifts for the week.

  1. On the Times home screen, you'll notice a Add Timesheet button.
  2. When you select Add timesheet, you will be prompted to submit your weekly timesheet per employer and select submit.
    • Once submitted it will display in green.

Managing shifts submitted by employees in Approve Shifts

When employees submit their shift worked, this will display in:

  1. Rosters:
      • Approved or Unapproved Shift submitted by Employee when using Submit Shifts.
      • Employee's Submitted shifts will also display in Approve Shifts, in the Rostered column you'll also see 'Employee submitted'.
      • Any shifts Submitted Shifts created by employees will also display in Approve shifts, in the Rostered column you'll see 'Employee created'.

  2. In Time & Attendance > Approve Shifts, you'll then need to either Approve, Decline or Edit the Approved Shift.
    • Once a shift is managed, if you happen to return to the roster, the action that you've taken will also reflect on the roster.
      • Example of an Approved Submit Shift

    • If you decline a shift that is submitted by an employee, it will display with a strikethrough as per below:
      • Declined Shift that was originally submitted by an employee who submitting a shift.



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