Automatically Approve Shifts based on Clock data

You're able to automatically approve shifts based on the clock in & out data.

This setting works by foundU comparing the rostered time with the clock in/out data. If the clock in/out times are within a certain time threshold e.g. within 10 minutes of the rostered time for example, then the shift will be automatically approved in Time & Attendance >Approved Shifts. 

To enable this setting:

1. Select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform Settings > Clock App

2. Switch the toggle on for the setting 'Allow Clock apps automatically approve shifts that have been clocked in/ out within a threshold'

3. To set the threshold in the 'Set automatically approve shifts threshold (e.g. 5/10/15 minutes)'. E.g. 10 minutes.

This means that if a person is rostered from 8 am to 10 am. And they clock in/out at 8.09 am and 10.09 am, then this shift will be automatically approved.


Please note that both the clock in and out time has to be within the same threshold otherwise a manual approval will be required. I.e. if the clock in is 8.09 and the clock out is 10.11 am, then this will need manual approve (as clock out time is not within the threshold and both clock in & out time need to be within the same threshold).

If you're testing this setting, please allow at least 5 minutes for the new settings change to come into effect.

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