Submit Shifts [Employee Guide]

Submit Shifts is a modernised process for timesheet management. It allows employees to submit hours they've worked on a daily basis via their employee portal, alongside extra information such as leave taken, comments and uploading files e.g. medical certificates. The employee can be rostered on, or not rostered at all. Once the shift is submitted, it will go into Approve Shifts pending approval by admin. 

If this is something you are interested in using, we'd recommend having a chat to our customer success team on the best way to roll this out - just shoot them an email at


This guide is for employees who are required to Submit Shifts worked via their employee portal on a daily basis for approval by a manager. 

This guide covers:

  • Where to submit shifts in the employee portal
  • Submitting Shifts
    • Comments
    • Allowances
    • Leave
    • Documents
  • Adding a new shift
  • Warning messages
  • Editing a shift
  • Deleting a shift


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