Single Touch Payroll (STP Phase 1) YTD and Line Item Report

The Single Touch Payroll Year-to-Date (STP YTD) Report, produces a report of the data sent to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) through Single Touch Payroll. 

  • This report also double-checks any outstanding data that has yet to be submitted to the ATO via STP.

The STP Line Item Report allows you to view your STP submissions by line item providing you with a more detailed breakdown of the STP YTD report.

  • This report is useful where you're unable to reconcile STP YTD with the Advanced Payroll Activity report to work out the cause of any discrepancies.
Generating the STP YTD Report


This report captures data which has been sent to the ATO (i.e. if you have any items that have yet to be processed for the financial year please ensure that you finalise your EOFY data first to ensure accuracy).

    1. Generate the STP YTD Report via Reports > Financial > STP YTD Report.
    2. Select Last Financial Year and Submit to run the report

If you see any items that have yet to be submitted to STP please go back to STP to finalise before reconciling.

    • When this report is pulled, it shows data on a 'cash basis' i.e. based on the payment date shown on payslips.
    • Please note that STP has different definitions of Gross than the Payroll Activity report.
    • This report also has a Paying Entities filter. Use to view one paying entity at a time if needed.
    • You can also see the JobKeeper start and end dates as well as any top-up Jobkeeper amounts.
    • This report is updated when you submit your STP information via Pay > STP.

Need more information?

If you're reconciling this report for the EOFY, check out our EOFY reconciliation guide.

STP Line Item Report

Watch this video on how to run the STP Line Item Report or follow the steps below. 

  Please note this Screen Navigation has no sound, please watch and follow along for helpful tips.

To locate and run the STP Line Item report: 
  1. Navigate to Reports > Financial and in the Payroll Reports section select STP Line Item report.
  2. Apply Filters for date, select cash basis (if required) and Submit.
  3. If you'd like to focus on a specific employee you can use the employee filter (and submit to re-run the report).