Using the Announcements and Resources function to communicate from your platform

In platform Announcements for admins and employees

Want to create an eye-catching announcement in your Employee App or across your foundU Admin platforms? You can do so by using the Announcements and Resources function.

Announcements allow you to:

  • Communicate to either ALL employees to see when they access their Employee App. Or ALL admin users to see when they log in. (unrestrictive)
  • Communicate your message with urgency.
  • Choose a duration for your message to display.
  • Display formal messages ("Please log in and update your emergency contact details ASAP") or informal messages ("New menu starts next week- view it here").
  • Embed an important link for employees or admins to access with ease!

You can use the Resources function to:

  • Link to a URL (with an image). Employee's will see this option to view a selected website link once they open their Employee App.
  • A permanent link to your company's intranet or training resource
  • Allows employees to access frequently used links without looking through emails to find them.

The below video shows an employee's view of an Announcement in their Employee App telling them about Mental health Awareness month and Resources directing them to their Mental Health Assistance Program, the New Menu and a Shortcut for the R U OK website.

  Please note this Screen Navigation has no sound, please watch and follow along for helpful tips on the Announcements feature.


Setting up an announcement visible to employees or admins

To set up an announcement for an employee (or an Admin).

Some examples may be:

  • EOFY announcements
  • HR Announcements
  • Upcoming business promotions
  1. Navigate to the full menu (hamburger icon), and go to Communication, Admin Announcement.



  1. Select Add New.
  2. Select the Type of Announcement
    • General = will appear grey in the employee portal or as an Admin announcement in platform
    • Urgent = will appear red in the employee portal or as an Admin announcement in platform
  3. Under Announcement for, select Employees. (This means it will display in the employee portal upon login).
  4. You can also select 'Admin users' see below to see the banner that displays when an admin user logs into their foundU Platform (see below)
  5. Enter a Title for your Announcement.
  6. Enter more details in Announcement.
  7. Select the Start Date for the message to appear on.
  8. Select the End Date for the message to appear (by selecting no end date you are choosing the message to be displayed indefinitely).
  9. Click Save.


  • You can check your message by logging in an as an employee.

If you notice a mistake and need to make a change, no need to delete as you can simply edit on the right hand side and make changes.


  1. You have to ability to set up announcements to display to all admin users to view when they log into the foundU platform which will display as a coloured banner at the top. General_grey_annoucement.pngIn_platform_annoucement_urgent_example.png


Setting up a resource image and link visible to all employees
You can use the functionality of your platform to attach URLs as resources for your employees to view, as well as include an image such as your logo. Use case examples may be:
  • Linking a platform document uploaded in your foundU platform
  • Linking to your company's intranet.
  • Linking to the notes of a recent team meeting.
  • Linking to a training course.
  • Link to an external website for a team building activity.
  • Linking to another portal that your business uses frequently or seasonally such as registering for flu shots.

To use the resource functionality of your platform:

  1. Navigate to hamburger icon > Communication > Announcements & Resources.

  2. Select the Resources tab.
  3. To add a new resource, select Add new.

  4. Begin to fill in the details below, and once finished save.
  • title of the resource,
  • the URL (including the https://) or a URL to a PDF document
    • Tip you can use the URL for a resource that is uploaded into your Platform files.
      • To locate the URL from platform files:
        • Navigate to Platform files located in Platform Settings > Platform files.
        • Upload a PDF, add in the details and attach the document.
        • Click on the document in the platform files list and copy the URL. Add in this URL in your resources.
  • The start and end date that you would like this resource to be displayed. Note that end date can be indefinite.
  • You can even upload an image which displays next to the link e.g. your logo.

You can Edit or Delete resources using the associated icons. It may be a good idea to leave seasonal resources once the end date has expired, so that you are able to simply Edit the details (such as the date) and reuse them again.

When an employee logs into their Employee App they will see the Resources Section. Once an employee clicks a link, they will be taken to a new tab to the appropriate website link.


Example of the Employee App view

  • When viewed on a laptop (with a image uploaded for resource links)

Add a link to Admin or Employee announcements
  1. Hot tip: In the announcement you can also add in a document that they can refer to by adding in your desired URL for your document in the below:
  2. <a href="URL" target="_blank" >name of document that is being linked</a>
  3. A working example is shown below:
  4. Refer to the<a href=" " target="_blank" >Rosters guide</a> while we learn the ropes with foundU



This can be done by the same process in an Employee Announcement. 

If you have multiple links to add in an Announcement, consider using Resources to link other valuable resources.



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