You have to ability to set up announcements to display to all employees to view when they log into their employee portal.

To set up an announcement for an employee:

1. Go to the full menu (hamburger icon), and go to Communication, Admin Announcement.


2. Select Add New.

3. Select the Type of announcement:

  • General = will appear grey
  • Urgent = will appear red
  • Platform = will appear purple

4. Under Announcement for, select Employees. (This means it will display in the employee portal upon  login). You can also select 'Admin users' see below to see the banner that displays when an admin user logs into their foundU Platform ( see below).

5. Enter a Title for your Announcement.

6. Enter more details in Announcement

7. Select the Start Date for the message to appear on.

8. Select the End Date for the message to appear.

9. Click Save.



You can check your message by logging in an as an employee.


You have to ability to set up announcements to display to all admin users to view when they log into the foundU platform which will display as a coloured banner at the top.

If you select 'Admin user' you can also have a message that shows for your foundU Admin's as well.

Below is an example of a urgent message which displays in red.



General messages in grey


Platform messages that display in purple


Add a URL to an Admin announcement:

Hot tip: In the announcement you can also add in a document that they can refer to by adding in your desired URL for your document in the below:

<a href="URL" target="_blank" >name of document that is being linked</a>

A working example is shown below:

Refer to the<a href=" " target="_blank" >Rosters guide</a> while we learn the ropes with foundU


 Please note you are not able to add in links to an employee announcement.


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