Bulk update Rates Books (charge rates)

To bulk update rates in your client rates books you can bulk export ratesbook to a .csv, make your changes and re-import to update.


Export Rates book:

(If you already have a .csv of your rates books provided by your account manager which you have updated, scroll down to Import Rates book)

1. Go to Operations, Approved Operations.

2. Select the operations to update, or select all.

3. Click Bulk Actions, Export Rates Book.


4. This will export a .csv with the following data:

  • operation name
  • award name
  • position title
  • payroll tax state
  • WIC
  • rate lable
  • perm pay
  • perm charge
  • casual pay
  • casual charge
  • record id (read only) 

Update your changes in the .csv without changing any column data. Do not change anything in the Record ID. Once updated, save as a new .csv.



Import rates book:

5. To import your updated rates book, go to the full menu and go to Integrations, CSV Import.


6. Click the 'Select Import Type' dropdown and choose Operation Rate Book Update (From Export).

7. Click Choose File, and find the updated csv you have saved. 

9 Click Import CSV.


You will see a loading bar if the upload is working. Otherwise you might receive an error if there is something wrong with the file e.g. not formatted correctly.

10. Once correctly imported, you can go into the Operations Rates Book (Operations, Approved Operations, Card, Rates book to check your changes have applied. 


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