Allowances Paid Report

Allowances paid after processing payroll

The Allowances Paid Report allows you to check allowances that have been paid after processing payroll.

Run a Allowances Paid Report:
  1. In the quick menu select Reports> Financial and in the Payroll Reports subsection select Allowances Paid.

  2. Filter the report and choose your desired:
    • Date range by choosing the Filter Date From and To.
    • Filtering by a specific Office code.
    • Specific employee or
    • Allowance type e.g. laundry etc.
    • Select cash basis if you would like to report on when payments were made.
    • Select JobKeeper eligible to see a list of the employee's who are eligible for JobKeeper and have an allowance.
  3. Review the output. You can also search for a specific employee in the report list by using the search. Example report view & excel output


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