Custom fields for employee details - Add and Export

Custom fields is a platform setting that can be turned on and can be used for additional custom reporting for:

  • Hardware provided to individuals with expiration dates such as laptop end of life.
  • Uniform sizes.
  • Qualifications expiry dates.
  • Employee deductions valid until.

To add a custom field in an employees profile:

1. Locate the desired employee profile (search for employee in search box or via People > Approved people).

2. Select the Employee card icon and scroll to the Details section.

3. Select the Custom Fields edit button. 

4. This will display the Custom Fields that you have set up in your platform. Select Add Field to add a custom field.

if you would like to add a new Custom Field that is not currently in this list see below: Enabling a new custom field option through Platform Settings in your platform.

5. The fields that are available to be added are displayed.





Enabling a new custom field option through Platform Settings in your platform:

1. In the quick menu select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform Settings> Custom Fields.

2. Select Add Custom Field

3. You can Add in any Custom Field by choosing a Heading, selecting a type and choosing if you would like to have a Valid to Date switched on.

The field types available are:

  1. Text Field- allows you to enter in any text when you select this custom field (max 1 line).
  2. Long Text Field- allows you to enter in text over multiple lines (max 3 lines).
  3. Drop down- Single- select one options from a drop down menu
  4. Drop down- Multiple- select multiple options from a drop down menu e.g. S, M, L for Uniform Sizing.
  5. Date picker- allows you to choose a date for a custom field e.g. Date uniform sizing details provided.

4. Add the custom field in the employees profile (see above) by clicking Save and then selecting X to exit out of the Custom Fields selection.



Exporting Custom field date:

1. You're able to export the data contained in Custom fields. To do so navigate to People > Approved People.

2. Use the Show filter to filter your employee list e.g. all full time staff.

3. Select in Bulk actions > Export filtered and from the Export options you can now see Custom Fields options added.

4. Select the fields desired and select Export CSV.


An example of the output:


Note: If you have a Long Text Field, you'll need to adjust the width of your row to see the full information such as in the Detailed instructions above.


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