View the history of your employees' entitlements

Leave can be viewed from several places within the platform. 

  • On the employee profile.
  • Within the Time Off menu.
  • From the payslip export.

The location you access to review the leave history will depend on what data you are looking to obtain. Each section below will detail the data obtainable from each location. 

Review leave history on the employee profile

A detailed history of individual entitlements can be reviewed from the employee profile.

The information visible from this location is:

  • Date - Date the paycycle is processed. This is not the date of the leave request.
  • Rate - The rate of pay for the leave request.
  • Paycycle ID - Link to the payslip associated with leave.
  • Event - The action that triggered the entry. The following are actions that can be seen on this page:
    • Payrun - Processing payslip.
    • Reprocess Paycycle - Reprocessing the paycycle which may then update the leave value, depending on what changed.
    • CSV Import - Use of the entitlements import to update values or settings.
    • Manual Change - Manually adjusted the accrued value on the employee's entitlement.
  • Old Amount - The accrued value of the entitlement before the payslip was processed.
  • New Amount - The accrued value of the entitlement after the payslip was processed.
  • Difference - The difference between the old amount and the new amount. A negative value will represent leave taken. A positive amount will represent leave accrued. 
  • User - The user responsible for the action.
    • 'System' will denote automated actions like accrued values being added or payslips being processed with leave taken.
    • An admin user will be marked against the record for events like reprocessing payslips, manual adjustments to the entitlement value, CSV Imports for entitlements, etc.

To review the leave history on the employee profile:

  1. Navigate to the employee profile > Overview.
  2. Scroll down to the Position details, and click Show History against the relevant Leave Type.

  3. This will display a pop-up with the full leave history details.


Review leave history in Time Off

As well as managing pending applications, the Time Off menu can be used to view approved & processed leave applications. The information present on this page is:

  • Start & End Date - Dates the leave was taken.
  • Type - The type of leave taken (e.g. annual leave, personal leave, etc).
  • Amount - The number of hours total for the leave request.
  • Operation - The operation the employee is associated with.
  • Reason - The reason the employee provided when submitting the leave request.
  • File - Any supporting documentation uploaded with the leave request (most commonly used with personal leave).
  • Requested - The date the leave application was requested.
  • Status - Approval & payment status of the request.

To review leave history in Time Off:

  1. Navigate to Time & Attendance > Time Off.
  2. Use the quick filters to select 'approved' leave requests.
  3. Use the search bar to locate an individual employee if required.
  4. Use the filters on the right to further narrow down your results. For example, you may only be interested in a particular date range or a certain leave type.
  5. Select all entries and export to CSV if required. 

In the example gif below, we are finding all approved annual leave requests for Jessie McGuire and then exporting them to CSV.

For a detailed look at the Time Off menu and how to navigate through it, please refer to this article. 

Review leave history on payslip export

Payslips can be exported to a CSV file, enabling the data to be reviewed quickly. A very large amount of data can be exported from the payslip page. The following information is a small selection relevant to reviewing leave. 
Note: Every entitlement can be exported through this page. The below use of Annual leave is for the example only. 

  • Paycycle ID
  • Employee ID
  • Employee Full Name
  • Period End
  • Annual Leave Paid
  • Annual Leave Hours
  • Annual Leave Accrued

To review leave history on the payslip export:

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Pay.
  2. Select either the Draft Payslips or Payslips tab.
  3. Utilise the available filters and search bar to identify the payslips you'd like to export.
    Tip: click the X next to the period end date to display all payslips.
  4. If you want to export only select payslips, select those now by marking the checkbox to the left.
  5. Bulk Actions > Export Selected (or Export All Filtered if no selection has been made).
  6. Deselect the fields you do not need otherwise your export will contain too much irrelevant data.
    • Click the headings to select/deselect every field within.
    • If you plan on using this report again, click on Additional Options and Save the export. This will save you time in future. 
  7. Select Export CSV.

In the example gif below, we export all processed payslips for Jessie McGuire by removing the period end filter and then utilise a saved export to only report on the data we're interested in. 

You can read more about this export here.

Other useful reports

There are a couple of other reports you can use when you are wanting to refer to leave.

Standard Payroll Activity Report

Within this report, there are two additional filters of note. Payslips with leave terminations and Payslips without leave terminations. This allows you to identify payslips that have termination payments of entitlements on them.

Advanced Payroll Activity Report

By adding a grouping on 'Line Item' you can identify entitlements individually. Use this with other groupings (e.g. employee ID & period end) to have the report display the data you want.


You can read more about both reports here


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