Approve/manage Temporary Availability requests

When casual staff submit a Temporary Availability request from their employee portal, the request will be sent to admin for approval.

For Example Monica works Monday- Friday normally. She has a uni exam on Wednesday the 25/05. She submits a temporary availability request (that she cannot work on that Wednesday) for approval by her manager.

To view and manage Temporary Availability requests:

1. In the quick menu navigate to Time & Attendance > Availability.

2. Under the Availability Requests tab, this will show all pending requests. Use the filters to search if needed and click Apply Filter.

3. Click the relevant Action against each employee request:

  • Green tick = approve
  • Red cross = decline
  • Pencil icon = edit details

4. Once updated, the employee will be notified of the status via email. This will also show in their Availability section in their employee portal.


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