Make an adjustment to entitlements

Adjustments to leave balances can be edited within the paycycle, and will show on payslips. This is useful if entitlements need adjusting. For example adjusting annual leave or sick leave if needed, or even TOIL (which has a specific Redeem toil button).

Adjustments can be entered as positive or negative values.

To make an entitlement adjustment:

1. Go to Payroll > Pay and in the Draft Payslips tab select the relevant Period Ending date and any other filters.

2. Click Action, Edit next to the relevant paycycle.


3. Under the Entitlement Adjustment section, click Adjust Entitlements and select Add Entitlement

4. Select the Leave Type from the drop down.

5. Enter a Reason if required.

6. Enter the Amount in hours. Negatives can also be entered e.g. -7.6 hours.


Managing Toil?

  • Remember you wont see a Redeem TOIL button unless the employee has accrued TOIL.
  • Check out our TOIL article for more details.

7. Click Calculate Totals.

8. Click Preview PDF to check how it appears on the payslip.


9. Click Update Paycycle.

10. Enter a reason for the edit and click Save.

This is now applied to their leave balance, and notified to the employee in the payslip.

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