Running visa checks from your foundU platform

When employees complete their right to work information through your onboarding, you'll be able to run a visa check from your foundU platform through the inbuilt integration with the Department of Home Affairs (VEVO).

Once you trigger the first visa check, you can also automate future visa checks and customise the visa notifications received when an employee approaches their visa expiry. 


How to run a visa check

To run a visa check:

  1. Navigate to People, Pending People (or Approved People depending on their status i.e. applicant or new employee).
  2. Click their name to go to their profile and in their profile overview select Eligible for Visa Check.
       - You may also see Not eligible for visa check.
  3. Then review the details and select confirm details and run visa check.

  4. A result will then display. 

After the first check, the platform will run the check automatically every 2 weeks and will send emails on status changes to the person who ran the first check. 

Visa status results meaning

You may receive the below status results if the visa check is rejected.

  1. Click on 'Visa Check Error' for further information. 



Updating the visa check information
There are two ways the visa check information used for the visa check can be updated:
  1. An Admin can update the information on behalf of an applicant / employee
  2. An employee can update the information (but only for applicants who have not yet finished onboarding).


Admin's can update the information on behalf of an employee

  1. Navigate to the employee's profile (using the search or via approved people or pending people).
  2. In the employee's profile navigate to the onboarding icon and open the right to work tab
  3. Select edit and adjust the required information and save and close.

    • Please note that the above image is displaying the Visa check with an expiry date. If your business is using the Visa check format that doesn't have this field in the onboarding, you will not see the expiry date field.
  4. Navigate back to the employee overview icon and re run the visa check by clicking on eligible for visa check.


How employees can update their information

  1. In the employee app, employees can navigate to the relevant step (your business has customised onboarding so it can vary) that contains the right to work information.
  2. Update the relevant information and save.
    • Please note that employees may not be able to go back to steps they have already completed if this setting is not enabled in your platform. 

Please note this option is not available if the person has already completed their application/onboarding.

Visa notifications

You can adjust the timing, recipients and content of your visa notification emails.

For example you can use these emails to:

  • Send communication to individuals of approaching visa and passport expiries before they expire.
  • Assist in visa and passport compliance to ensure the employee will not need to cease working for your business.
  • Create destination specific messaging for more than one person/s in one email template.
  • Use tokens (e.g. name placeholders) to customise your email content to the recipient.

There are two key email templates:

  • Employee Visa & Passport expiring template (Employee)- sends the employee a reminder that their visa or passport expiration is approaching.
  • Visa and Passport expiring template (Dynamic)- sends a summary of visa or passport expiration dates to chosen admin recipients. Please note you will need to turn Communications on for these individuals.


To locate the Message Templates:

  1. Navigate to the hamburger icon to open the Full Menu and select Communication > Communication Content.
  2. Choose which template you would like to use or both.
  3. Employee Visa & Passport expiring template (Employee)
  4. Visa and Passport expiring template (Dynamic) or you can use the Search Bar to locate the template you are after.

  5.  The first option will remind the employee, the second option will send a reminder to the Employee's manager and/ or a specified contact (Dynamic).
  6. Adjust the details to suit:
    • Send Email - on/off.
    • Use Default Email Subject- or compose your own.
    • Email content - create your own content for the notification, or leave blank to use the default content.
    • Email Attachments- add attachments to the email. Preferred files are .jpg .png, or .pdf with a maximum file size of 3MB.
    • Send SMS - on/off.
    • SMS content - Create your own text for the notification, or leave blank to use the default content.
    • Countdown- Choose a countdown day and time. You can choose multiple (e.g. Day 10 at 10 am, Day 3 at 10 am will remind the appropriate contact at 10 days and 3 days out from expiry at 10am).
    • Trigger Point- Select appropriate trigger point (passport or visa) or both.
  7. This email content will trigger at appropriate countdown day selected.

  8. The Admin users you have specified in your Visa and Passport Expiring Template (dynamic) will now receive Communication of expiry dates and  applicable employees.
  9. Please note the recipients need to be set up in your CRM > Contacts list and enabled for messaging. Add CRM contacts including bulk contacts.
  10. If you have chosen to use the Employee Visa & Passport expiring Template (employee) then the Employee will also be reminded.

Visa reports

You can view and export a report of all employees with Visa information.

  1. Navigate to Reports > Workforce > Visa Check List. 
  2. Apply any filters as needed or leave blank to view all.
  3. Click Search. 
  4. Click on the 'Errors' button to view more information for the error as returned by the Department of Home Affairs.
    •  This report can also be exported to .csv.


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