Employees will complete their right to work information during their on-boarding. From here you can run a VEVO check based on the details they have submitted:

1. Go to People, Pending People (or Approved depending on their status)

2. Click their name to go to their profile.

3. Click Eligible for Visa Check.


4. Check details and click Confirm Details and Run Visa Check. 

These details are what is completed by the employee during their onboarding, and is what will be sent to VEVO. Please make sure these are correct.


foundU is integrated with Work Pro which runs the check with VEVO. A result will return. You can click on this for more information / details.

After the first check, the platform will run the check automatically every 2 weeks and will send emails on status changes to the person who ran the first check. 


Some common Visa status' and their meaning:

  • Eligible for Visa Check [Run Visa Check] = information added, ready to run a check.
  • Not Eligible for Visa Check = not enough information provided.
  • Visa Check Rejected = could be many reasons. 


Examples of Visa Status results:

  • Rejected status:

Click on 'Visa Check Rejected' for further information. 



Example of reason for rejected visa.





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