Xero/MYOB/SAP Sales Report

A CSV file of your issued invoice data can be generated to upload into Xero or MYOB or SAP. This will be in the correct format ready to upload.

To run the report:

1. In the quick menu navigate to Invoicing > Invoices.

2. Select the Issued tab.

3. Select the relevant date range, operation or office code and any other filters required, and click Apply Filter.

You're also able to filter by Unpaid, Paid  or Overdue Status.

4. Select specific invoices, or select the tick box at the top of the list to select all.


To Export a Xero report:

1. Click Bulk Actions, Download Selected Xero Sales.


2. Select how you would like the data to be split:

  • Invoice line items to be imported into Xero
  • Invoice totals to be imported into Xero


3. Click Export CSV. 

To Export a MYOB report:

1. Click Bulk Actions, Download Selected MYOB Sales.

2. Select which date you would like to use for transaction date:

  • The period ending date
  • The issue date

3. Select the version of MYOB that your business uses:

  • MYOB Default
  • MYOB Account Right

4. Select Export CSV.




To Export a SAP report:

1. Click Bulk Actions, Download Selected SAP Sales.

2. This report will download to your browser and generate immediately. 


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