Roster Shift Status Notifications

When sending out offers to employees for shifts on a roster, SMS notifications can be sent to managers / admin users as the shifts are accepted or declined.

Notifications are sent based on shift offers that are sent via:

  • Roster > Publish & Notify > Send Offers


To manage notifications:

1. In the quick menu navigate to Work > Rosters.

2. In the roster overview, click Edit within the specific roster.

3. Enable the notifications to be received:

  • Enable comms when shift is approved
  • Enable comms when shift is declined

4. Select who the notifications need to be sent to for each:

  • Operation Manager (as applied on the operation profile)
  • Employee Manager (as applied on the employee profile)
  • Specific people: This will provide a list of all users across your admin and operations portals. You can select as many users as needed.

5. Click Save.

Please note: If you use Approve Shifts, you will also need to go into the Roster Overview to make sure notifications are set up as required.

This will now send SMS notifications as per your settings.

Repeat for other rosters as needed. 



Example of SMS notification:


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