Display an employee's availability on the roster

If your employees use and update their Availability from their employee portal, this can be viewed on the roster either per employee or across the entire roster.

To view availability across the entire roster:

1. Navigate to Work >  Rosters.

2. Apply any Filters and click View Roster.

3. Go to the relevant roster week using the calendar.

4. Go to Display and turn on Availability.


To view availability per employee:

1. If the employee does not already appear on the roster, click +Add Employee under the blue Name heading.

2. Find the employee and select their name.

3. Next to any employees names, click the Calendar icon. This will display their availability.

This may display entire days unavailable, or parts of the day with times displaying when they are unavailable.

White = Available

Grey = Unavailable


Note: The ability to have employees add in their regular availability or temporary unavailability is a setting in the platform.



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