Set maximum hours a week worked by an employee

Maximum hours worked setting

The maximum hours worked setting is a useful feature as it will show you on the Roster when an employee exceeds the maximum hours as a yellow warning.

When you see 'Maximum ordinary hours exceeded' warning message you can:

  1. Review- A yellow warning still allows managers to publish the roster but it is best practice to review these warnings as it may trigger overtime. For more information on roster warnings and errors check out our helpful video here.
    • You can then decide to either: 
      1. Publish roster even though employees exceeding ordinary hours and this will trigger over time
      2. Or you can reassign the shift to another employee.
  2. If the maximum hours is not correct, you can update the maximum hours per employee on the Employees profile (optional and to access employee profiles you need to have permission to access Employee profiles).

Setting Maximum Hours

To set the maximum ordinary hours on the Employees profile:

  1. You can access the employee profile in two ways if you have permission to access Employee profiles. Either in the roster click on the employees name and this will open their employee profile or navigate to People > Approved People. Find the employee and click on their name to go into their profile over page.
  2. Click the Edit icon next to 'Maximum hours per week'.
  3. Enter the hours and click Save.
    • In the example below Fiona has 38 hour set as her Maximum hours per week.

When Maximum hours are not set, by default the maximum hours will be pulled from the relevant Award and agreement.

  • In the example below we don't have a maximum set for Fiona in her employee profile, but 38 hours is still showing on the Roster because the default from Fiona's Award and Agreement > Pay Rules is set at 38 hours.

Example of the default maximum hours pulled from the Award.


Exceed hours warning on the Roster and in Approved Shifts display


Roster View: This will flag when adding shifts on the roster where the staff exceed their maximum hours.

Approve Shifts View: This will flag also when approving shifts.

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