Filter People by DOB (Birthday Report)

To export a list of employees with their birth date and/or month and/or age:

1. In the quick menu, navigate to People > Approved People.

2. Select Show Filter to run a search for specific employees if required, and click Apply Filter.

3. Click Bulk Actions > Export All Filtered.


4. Select the data you wish to export making sure to tick 'Date of Birth' (under 'Access' heading and/or 'Birth Month' (under the 'Other' heading) and/or 'Age' (under the 'Additional Info' heading).


Note:To bulk select options, click on the headings such as 'Additional Info' or 'Other'. This will select or deselect all the sub options, as a quick way to select multiple options.

 5. Click Export CSV button at the bottom. This will produce a .csv file with your chosen data.

Below is a sample CSV output as viewed in Excel.




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