Attendance & Performance Report

Attendance Management reports are based on attendance items added on the Employee Profile and/or Decline Shift Reasons when selecting a reason in Approve Shifts.

To run a report on attendance or performance:

1. In the quick menu navigate to Reports > Workforce this will display the Workforce Reports Centre.

2. Select Attendance & Performance.


3. Enter reporting criteria:

- Date duration

Leave blank to view all or choose specific Filters (optional).

Available Filters include:

- Employees- choose an employee from the drop down. You can choose multiple employees by choosing the individual from the drop down menu.


- Operation

- Position 

- Reason type- Attendance or Performance

- Reason- Select your relevant category e.g. Attendance may have Sick Leave or No Show as options.

4. Click Submit.

The report will display below and can be exported to CSV or PDF.


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