Updating your platform documents

Using your Platform Documents to the best of your ability

Your platform documents will host many important links that you will use throughout the life of your platform.

This article will give you the tools to

  • Update any of these documents as needed. For instance, your brand's logo changes and you'd like to update it.
  • You'd like a link for an important document (pdf) that you would like to Link in an employee Announcement or Communication. You can then use the url link the document for example if sending to employees.

The following documents are applied to your platform during your implementation.

  • Platform branding and settings documents:
    • User Agreement
    • Privacy Policy
    • Logo
    • PDF logo
    • SVG logo
    • Tiny logo 
    • Background image for login/register pages (for Employee and Operations login)
    • Background image for Admin login page
    • Client CSS

  • Employee onboarding and work related documents:
    • Terms of Engagement (Employee Agreement) 
    • Physical Timesheet
    • Employee Handbook
    • Interview form
    • Reference Check Form
    • Phone Screen Guide
    • Comprehension Test
    • Exit Interview
    • Other
To add or update a document in platform files

If you have a new document or would like to replace a platform document with a newer file you can do so quite quickly and easily.

To add or update a document:

  1. In the quick menu, select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform Settings > Platform files.
  2. Under Files you will see all of your current documents in use.
  3. To add or update a document, click the Upload tab.
  4. Select the relevant file type category from the drop down.
  5. Enter a file title if required.
  6. Click Choose File.
  7. Find the file to upload and select it.
  8. Click Submit. 
  9. The file has now been updated if it already exists, and added if new. 

Troubleshooting issues

I've uploaded my new document, but when I check the onboarding the link doesn't seem to have been updated?

  • If you're experiencing this behaviour please reach out to us at help@foundu.com.au
  • This is because the onboarding process and links is customised through your initial implementation process.
Using your platform file to create a link from a PDF 

You may need a link to place in an email or place in an Announcement for employees, but you may only have a PDF. Great news! By uploading this PDF to your platform documents you can create this link yourself.

To do so:

  1. To locate the URL from platform files, navigate to Platform files located in Platform Settings > Platform files.
  2. Upload a PDF, add in the details and attach the document.
    • Tip: You can use the 'Other' category to upload any document that you wish to link your employee to e.g. PDF document.
  3. Click on the document in the platform files list and copy the URL from your borwser. Add in this URL in your resources.
  4. Then use this URL link to use the document in sending documents to employees.

Typical uses if this function may be creating a link for:

  • Terms of Business
  • Culture Playbook
  • Employee Handbook




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