Updating and managing employee availability

If you have casual staff members they can update their availability to assist you with rostering or sending them shifts. If you have availability enabled on your platform, it will allow you more insight into when your casual workforce is available and ready to work for you.

  • Employees are able to update their availability through the Employee App.
  • Admin users are able to view the availability that an employee has updated through the Availability menu. Availability also flows through to Rosters.

There are two types of availability:

  • Usual availability -the usual times an employee is available/unavailable to work each week. e.g. a standard uni schedule.
  • Temporary availability -an adhoc time an employee is unavailable to work e.g. Uni exam. This type of availability is a request and will need to be approved by the manager. 

Once an employee submits their availability request it will flow through to the roster. Please note, similar to leave requests, temporary availability requests must be approved by a manager before they flow through to the roster. 


How employees submit their availability- Video

Employees are able to update their usual and temporary availability through their Employee Portal.

On a mobile device this is available through the Availability menu.



Submitting an availability request for an employee

It is best practice for an employee to submit and keep their availability up to date, however there may be times when they require you to do it for them. As an admin, you have the ability to update employee's availability upon request.

To update your employee's Usual Availability:

Search for the employee via People > Approved people and select 'Log in as XX'. For example, log in as Melanie to change Melanie's availability.
    1. Click Edit Availability.
    2. Select a Day of the week.
    3. Select the Availability type from the drop down:
      - I am available
      - I am unavailable
    4. If unavailable for the entire day, leave as is. If unavailable for specific times, click +Add times.
    5. Add in the Start and End time
    6. Click +Add another time span to any additional times.
    7. Repeat steps 2-6 for any other days of the week.
    8. Select the date in which the change will start to apply.
    9. Click Save Changes


To update your employee's Temporary Availability:

            1. Click New Temporary Availability.  
            2. An adhoc time that the employee is unavailable to work e.g. Uni exam. This will come though as a request for this time off to be approved.
            3. Select the Start and End dates.
            4. Select the Availability type from the drop down:
              -I am available
              -I am unavailable
            5. Select Days of the week that are affected.
            6. Enter any additional Details (reasons for time off request) e.g. Uni exams.
            7. Click Save.

Any requests will remain as Pending until approved. Once approved the employee will receive an update via email.   


Managing temporary availability requests

To manage temporary availability requests:

    1. Navigate to Time and Attendance.
    2. Select Availability.
    3. There are 2 types of Availability you can manage:
      • Availability Requests- These are days off that employee's have requested off. Choose to approve or decline using the tick boxes on the right hand side.

      • Set Time off Preferences - Use this calendar to let your employees know when a good time to request a day off may be. Or conversely, when there is no availability for time off requests ie: a very busy day requiring all casuals to be ready to work. 

For more information on how to Set Time off Preferences refer to this article.

You can manage the settings of your availability via the Availability Settings Cog.

Export employee availability 

When exporting employee information, you can now export Availability on a per day basis.

This is available from the Bulk Actions export in Approved People. A new section for Availability for each day will now display in your export options

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