Changing the roster display/filter or view for printing

Roster displays and filters

You can change the information you view on the roster which also displays in the same format for the purpose of printing the roster.

In this article we look at:

  • Choosing what displays on your roster using Display options.
  • Choosing how to sort your roster for printing: either Sort by Name A>Z or Sort by Position A>Z.
  • Printing your roster from different views and filtering to fit on one page.


Changing your roster display

To change the roster display:

  1. Navigate to Work > Rosters.
  2. Find the roster and click View Roster.
  3. Select Display. This will open the Display Settings box.
  4. Click the on/off toggle to blue next to each piece of information you would like displayed.
  5. Click 'x' to close.


The Display options are:

  • Roster font size- Select your font size on your roster by clicking on the Aa sizing options.
  • Positions- Position the employee is working on that shift.
  • Roster and day notes- Comment for the Roster or Day (can be either visible to employee or not).
    • You can only have one roster note per roster.
  • Shift comments for employee- Comments for a specific employee and shift can be added to appear on the roster or be visible to the employee via sms or their employee portal.
  • Show availability- This will show employee availability on the roster. For example if they are not available or partially available on a certain day this will show up on the roster when printing.
  • 24 hour time-This will display the roster hours.
  • Shift end time- Useful if you just want to display shift start time only.
    • You can also choose to hide the shifts time label or start/end times if need for printing purposes.
  • Break duration- Will show break times if breaks are entered when creating the shift.
  • Pay period duration- Will display the hours per pay period under the Employee's name.
  • Show external shifts- This will show any other shifts the employee has across other rosters. 
  • Show employee type- This will show the employee's Employment Type as set on their profile i.e. Full-Time, Part-Time, Casual


Roster view with all Display options turned on:



Roster view with Roster NoteRoster Day note and Employee Shift comment.

If Visible to employee is selected, the employee can see the comment when they clock in, on offers, log into their employee portal and viewed their rostered shift.


Sorting your roster for different views

You have the ability to sort your roster alphabetically either by

  • Employee Name
  • Employee Position

To change the view of how your roster displays select this button from your roster page:

Depending on your selection. This will also dictate how your printed roster will view.

  • Sort by Employee position view:

  • Sort by Employee name view:

To print or download the roster
  1. Click Tools, Print Roster.

  1. Depending on your computers settings, you can also choose to download to PDF from the print page by clicking the Change button and selecting PDF.


If all the display settings were selected the Roster would display like this when printing:

You can change the information you view on the roster, which also displays in the same format for the purpose of printing the roster.

To print one Roster on a Page:

For more complex Rosters, for example where you have multiple rosters displaying and you wish to show these on one page when you're printing:

Here's an example: 

(You can see the Bar Roster starts on Page 1 and finishes will finish on Page 2)



You may prefer to also use the Filter to choose one roster at a time for printing. In this case we want to print just the Bar Roster.


Now when you select Print Roster, you will only print the Bar Roster.



Then to print the next roster,  you'll use the Filter again and select Front of House.


If you would like to adjust your printing Margins.

In the Printing options select More settings and in the Margins section you can choose from Default, None, Minimum or Customised Margins to suit your printing needs. This can be really helpful if you're finding that your roster is being cut off.

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