If you are looking to record permanent placements within foundU, you can follow the below process. Please note that this is just the recommended process, and there isn't a formalised process at the moment.


  1. Enter the Employee into the platform
    • If the employee needs to be entered into the platform, but you don't want to force them to complete their financial details. When you go to the 'Add People' you can select 'Contractor' in the drop down box instead of Employee. This will remove the financial details from the on-boarding
  2. Once the Employee has completed their on-boarding you can then 'Accept' them as usual. 
  3. Go to 'Employee Records' > select 'Onboarding' as the record type, then choose 'Permanent Placement' in the Stage. Complete the details accordingly. 
    • If needed, you can also add a Comment against the employee - use comment type 'Temp to Perm Transition'.
  4. In the Employee Profile - go to the overview, and scroll down to the bottom in the 'Actions' box. Download the candidate summary.

5. Once complete, click 'Archive Person' to move them into your Archive. If the employee has worked for you before, you will need to also 'Terminate' them - when terminating ensure you choose 'Permanent Placement' as the termination reason.


  1. Go to the Operation > CRM > Add CRM
  2. Add a CRM note, and choose 'Permanent Placement' as the description field. Attach the Candidate Summary zip file, that you had previously downloaded from the person's file. Add other details accordingly and Save.


  1. Go to Invoicing > Create Manual Invoice
  2. Complete the manual invoice accordingly. 
    • We recommend using 'Permanent Placement - 'Candidate Name' as the Purchase Order.
  3. Preview Invoice and Generate. You can then go to the 'Client Invoices' page to view and email the invoice. 



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