How to create & fill a job

To create a job:

1. Go to Work, Create Job.


2. Select the Operation (client) the job is associated with and click, Create Job.


3. Complete the job details:

Please note: If you have previous jobs in the platform, you can 'Select a previous job to auto fill details' or 'Select a previous purchase order' to use as a template for your job. 

If starting from scratch complete the 3 steps:

1) Job details (title, no. of positions required, dates etc)



2) Location & contact details (Address for job, supervisor contact). This address will be sent to the candidate.



3) Additional details (Any specific requirements such a qualifications or tags.) This will filter your candidate search based on candidates with matching criteria.

4. Click Complete.


This will now save your job as as Pending job. You can either leave the job to fill later, or find candidates to offer/assign the job to immediately:

5. To fill the job, click Find Employees.


This will run a search on your active employee database with matching criteria (i.e. position, locations, requirements etc).

6. Once a list of employees appear you have the options to:

- Offer or assign individually

- Offer to all

An offer will send an SMS asking the person to accept/decline the shift. The first to respond will fill the job, and rest will be notified the job is filled.

Assign will immediately put the candidate on the job.


7. To check the status or edit jobs after created, you can do go Work, Jobs. Click on the Job title to view/edit/fill.


(Alternatively you can also go to Operations, Approved Operations, find your client and login as them to create the job from their operations portal - this will allow you to run more advanced searches, and view candidates on a map display).


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