foundU Work App

Work App by foundU for iOS makes it easy for managers to approve and update the attendance of their workforce on-site.

Managers can easily approve shift times on the fly, mark staff as absent, add comments and easily add unrostered staff.

Shift times are fed through to Work from the foundU roster, and all approved shifts are automatically fed back into foundU’s fully integrated payroll process.

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To use the Work App, you'll need to complete the below set up steps:

  1. Enable your foundU platform to use the Work App.
  2. Download and install the work App on your iPad.
  3. Connect your Operation and create access for the operation by signing on iPad to connect.
  4. Create a supervisor login and have supervisors set their passcode in the Employee App.


Set up Instructions


Enable your foundU platform to use the Work App

To use the Work App, you'll first need to enable it in your foundU platform:

  1. Navigate to the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform Settings > Work App.
  2. Change the settings toggle to On and Save.
  3. Now you will be able to connect Work Apps to specific operations, and set up logins for supervisors.

Download the Work App on your iPad
The Work App will work on any IOS device include an IPad and iPad mini.

Please note that the Work App is not designed for use on a mobile phone due to the small size of the screen.

To download the Work App:

  1. Navigate to the App Store on your iPad
  2. Search for foundU Work and select Get.
  3. You will see the Work App on your iPad once installed. You are now ready to set up Operation access.

Setting up your Work App for your Operation

Set up your Operation and connect the iPad to the Operation, enable supervisors to Approve hours using the Work App.

To connect your Work App to your Operation:

  1. Navigate to your Operation > Approved Operation and select your Operation name.
  2. In the Operation profile select the Jobs icon and open the Work App Access tab.
  3. Select the Set up New Work App button and name your Work App location and click Save and Continue.
  4. You will now see QR code with Basic set up information.
Connect iPad to Operation

Connect iPad to Operation:

  1. On your iPad open the Work App. you'll be prompted to either scan a QR code or enter in the Subdomain and Access code.
  2. You're now connected! In the Operation profile > Jobs icon > Work App Access tab you'll now see Online as the Status for the Work App being connected.

Enable Work App for a supervisor

Enable Work App for a supervisor

The Work App needs to have a supervisor enabled so that they can Approve employee's shifts worked through the Work App.

  1. Navigate to the Supervisors employee profile by using search or via People > Approved people. (Please note People access is permission controlled, if you do not have access you may need to reach out to your Super Admin for your business).
  2. In the employees profile turn on the toggle to enable Work App.

  3. The Supervisor will now see a Work App Passcode button when in the Employee App > Profile section. This is where the Supervisor will set up their passcode which they will enter into the Work App and then they'll be able to Approve the hours worked by the staff at the Operation.



Using the Work App

Login to the Work App

The workflow for managers using the Work App involves:

  1. Login- Supervisors Enter ID and Passcode.
  2. View Day Roster- Shifts are automatically synched from the roster.
  3. Manage Attendance- Approve, decline, edit and add shifts.
  4. This data then flows through into timesheets and the data is ready for payroll.

To login

  1. On your iPad open the Work App.
  2. Enter the Supervisor ID and enter in the Passcode (these details are found in the Employee App) and click next.

Manage your Day, Roster and Employee

Select the Day to Manage and Find your Roster or Employee

The top of the screen will display an overview of the current number of rostered staff, staff on leave and absent staff.

  1. Tap on Today or view a previous day.
  2. Scroll to locate your Roster. Tip: Utilise sort to locate your roster if you have a few.
  3. You can also search for a specific Employee by using the search bar.

Mark an employee as Present or Absent

Mark the employee as Present

  1. Once you've located your roster or employee, select the green tick to mark the employee as present.
  2. You can also Mark all employees on the roster as present by using the Tick next to the roster name.

Mark employees as Absent

  1. Select the red cross next to the employees name.
  2. Select the Leave Type, Reason and add Comments.
  3. Then Confirm Absentee. The employee is now marked as absent.
  4. Your business can customise your leave reasons. This can be done in in the Admin view via Platform Settings > Reason Library.

View and edit shifts and add a comment for an employee
To view the full details or edit any shift details for example if you're changing times, positions, rosters or adding allowances:
  1. Tap the edit icon (...) next to the employees shift
  2. Edit and change the details as need
    • For example you can add a comment and save the comment. A speech bubble icon will appear to show that there is a comment applied.
  3. Tap Save changes.

Add a Roster comment
You can also add a comment that all employees working on that roster will see.

To add:

  1. Tap Add Comment at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the Roster
  3. Enter your comment and tap Save.
  4. Now all employees will see this comment and a speech bubble will appear to show that there is a roster comment applied.

Adjust end times
You can adjust end times for all employees in bulk e.g. if everyone works later.
  1. Tap Adjust End Times either next to the roster at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the time increment to add to each employees' end time and tap Save Changes.
  3. All employees end times will be adjusted accordingly.

Add employees & Add new shift
If you need to create a new shift (e.g. split shifts or add an employee who wasn't originally rostered on):
  1. Tap Add Staff Member.
  2. Locate the employee, select the roster for the shift, add start end times, position and any allowances.
  3. Tap Add Staff Member.
  4. A new shift will be created on the roster.

View previous days/ Paid status for shifts
To view and manage past days attendance:
  1. Tap Return to Landing at the bottom of the screen if you're in a current day.
  2. On the landing page tap Previous Days.
  3. Select the Date from and to from the top of the screen.
  4. Tap View next to the relevant day.

If you're managing attendance on previous days, you cannot edit any that have already been Paid.

  • You will see this Paid status on the far right  column.
Refresh to update
If multiple supervisors or admin are managing shifts (via the roster) or are updating the same roster on the work App- you may need to refresh the screen to get the latest status.

Swipe the page down just under the blue Work banner to refresh.

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