Management before and after Implementation

Implementing foundU into your business

Congratulations! You've recently implemented the foundU platform into your business!
This article breaks down what is needed from you to get your platform built and what responsibilities you have after implementation is finished.

Information required to build your platform

Your implementation manager will collect as much information as possible in their initial scope call with you. Here is a detailed list of what they require to build your platform.

  • Awards & Agreements
    • Classifications
    • Positions & Pay Rules
    • Allowances & Pay Items
    • RDOs
  • Payroll
    • ABA Payment settings
    • Payroll Tax States
    • Locations
    • Office Codes
    • WIC / Workers Compensation codes
    • Leave Rules & Entitlements
    • Public Holidays
    • Deductions
  • Employees
    • Application/registration & onboarding journey
    • Existing employees are uploaded
    • Leave balances uploaded upon go-live
  • Operations/ Clients
    • Existing operations are added
    • Ratesbooks 
  • Rosters
    • Initial rosters
  • Communications
    • Default email and SMS communications are triggered from the platform to employees and users based on specific actions/triggers. 
  • Platform Settings (there are many settings applied configured to your needs) 
    • Features used and settings (e.g. clock app, work app)
    • Email & SMS providers details & settings
    • Operation settings
    • Tag Libraries
    • System settings (many small settings to tweak the platform to your needs)
    • Users



Onboarding component list

Your employees have the ability to provide personal and financial information, agree and sign company documents and complete competency questionnaires all prior to their first day through our on-boarder. Here are all the available options to choose from to customise your business' on-boarder.

Component Name & ID Visual
1. Candidate Photo (Profile Picture) blobid1.png
2. Date of Birth blobid0.png
5. Gender blobid4.png
3. Address blobid2.png
124. Preferred Name  blobid5.png
4. Photo ID blobid3.png
132. 100 Points of ID blobid6.png
134. Proof of Identity blobid7.png
137. Driver Licence blobid8.png
138. Passport blobid9.png
130. Mobile Number blobid10.png
131. Home Number  blobid11.png
6. Resume  blobid12.png
117. Cover Letter blobid13.png
8. Description  blobid14.png
9. Working Visa Check blobid15.png
148. Working Visa Check blobid16.png
133. Contractor / Employee blobid17.png
123. Contractor Details blobid18.png
12. Employee Reference blobid21.png
136. Reference Engage blobid20.png
149. Reference Simple blobid19.png
103. Previous Experience blobid22.png
115. Reference blobid24.png
36. JobSeeker Cheek blobid25.png
38. Qualifications blobid26.png
91. Licences & Certificates blobid30.png
 104. Inductions blobid23.png
40. Sub Header blobid27.png
41. Competency Questionnaire blobid28.png
42. Medical Competency blobid29.png
147. Weight / Height blobid31.png
46. Emergency Contact blobid32.png
51. Digital Signature blobid33.png
52. Where did you hear about us? blobid34.png
62. Equal Employment Opportunity blobid35.png
75. Do you Identify as blobid36.png
80. Workers Compensation blobid37.png
 151. Deduction blobid38.png
87. Education blobid39.png
101. Student ID (USI) blobid40.png
 114. School Aged blobid41.png
95. Embed a Video  
157. Go1 Training  
96. Declaration  blobid42.png
98. Terms and Conditions blobid43.png
99. Admin Free Text  blobid44.png
109. Free Text Area blobid45.png
100. Upload file with Date Stamp blobid46.png
112. Upload A file blobid47.png
125. File Upload blobid48.png
128. File Upload with Expiry field blobid49.png
94. DCSI Clearance  
102. Coal Board blobid50.png
97. Workpro ID blobid51.png
105. WWCC Blue Card blobid52.png
126. Standard 11 blobid53.png
110. RSA blobid54.png
118. RSG blobid55.png
156. Aus Swim Certificate blobid56.png
127. Fit for work blobid57.png
144. Q Fever blobid58.png
53. AHPRA blobid61.png
57. Years of Service  blobid62.png
59. Police Check blobid63.png
154. Competency Card



129. High Risk: Forklift blobid64.png
113. Multi Language drop down blobid65.png
143. Multiple Language select blobid66.png
 74. Tag Check Box blobid67.png
 116. Tag Radio Button blobid68.png
 155. Tag Select blobid69.png
 120. Vehicle Info blobid70.png
 44. Financial Information  blobid72.png
 121. Tax File Declaration blobid71.png
 139. TIN blobid73.png
 140. Passcode blobid74.png
146. Availability



141. Naru Visa Stamp blobid75.png
152. Resident of Naru blobid77.png
142. International Address blobid76.png
Responsibilities after implementation
Once implementation is complete, you're in the driver's seat! Below is a list of things you'll be responsible to set up over time.
  • Onboarding new employees
    • Applying an employment type
    • Adding Position/s (rates automatically applied from Awards)
    • Location/s
    • Leave Entitlements
    • Work Pattern (if permanent)
    • Manager (if relevant)
    • Office Code (if relevant)
  • Setting up new operations
    • Set payroll tax state/s
    • Set up rates book
  • Add new positions
    • To Awards & Agreements
    • To Operations Rates Books
  • Setting up rosters / jobs
  • Approving shifts / timesheets
  • Leave
    • Adding new leave rules
    • Editing leave rule settings
  • Public Holidays
    • Removing irrelevant holidays
    • Adding localised holidays e.g. show days (state and national holidays are set by default)
  • Payroll
    • Processing payroll
    • Uploading ABA to your bank
    • Exporting payroll activity and other reports to upload to your accounting software
  • Invoicing 
    • Processing invoices
  • Managing Users
    • Deactivating users
    • Adding new users
    • Editing user settings
  • Communications & settings
    • Making changes to existing communications and settings


For help with any of these feel free to get in touch with


What foundU automatically updates

Your foundU platform will automatically update with new features when released.

Award updates and rate rises are not automatically updated, however members of our team are available to assist you with these.

Smaller businesses can opt in for us to apply rate rises for them depending on availability .

Please contact to arrange any assistance with updating your platform.
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