Approving Shifts on Public Holidays

When Approving Shifts on Public Holidays, you will be asked to select how the employee should be paid.

Public holidays will be detected based on what is stored in your platform under Payroll > Public Holidays

To select the public holiday pay type option when approving shifts:

1. Navigate to Time & Attendance > Approve Shifts

2. Apply any filters required.


3. Click Approve or Edit if you need to make any changes to the shift details, next to the relevant shift on the public holiday.


Note: A warning will appear in the Edit or Approve shift about the public holiday. The notice in Time & Attendance > Approve Shifts will only display on the actual holiday with a matching location / state and for permanent staff only.



4. At the bottom of the shift details, you can choose to apply the pay type:

  • Default: Public Holiday rates will apply as per the award interpretation.
    • Tick this option if you would like to pay someone the public holiday rate
  • Treat as normal day: The day will not be treated as a public holiday, standard rules apply.
    • Selecting this option will not pay the employee the public holiday rate (i.e. I want to pay an employee 7.6 hours at their normal rate).

If you have extra award interpretation turned on in your system, please see this article.


5. Click Approve or Save & Approve / Save Changes (if editing the shift).

This data will flow through to payroll against the employee's paycycle.

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