Turn on Approve Shifts setting

Approve Shifts works alongside the Roster & Clock App to allow you to approve shifts on a daily basis rather than chasing timesheets at the end of the week. 

Rostered hours and Clocked hours flow into Approve Shifts, making it easy to check attendance and edit/approve shifts for payroll. 

To turn on Approve Shifts:

1. Navigate to the hamburger icon, open the full menu and in the Platform Settings > Timesheet Settings.

2. Navigate to he Enable Approve Shifts option.

3. Approve Shifts can be turned on across all operations/clients or per operation/client. Select the relevant option:

  • Enabled: Shifts can be approved for all operations or
  • Enabled: Shifts can be approved for select operations or
  • Disabled: Time sheets submitted by employees only.

4. Click Save Settings.


To turn on for each operation (only if platform setting is 'Enabled: Shifts can be approved for select operations)

1. Navigate to Operations > Approved Operations.

2. Find the operation and click the name to go to the profile.

3. Change the Approve Shifts toggle to On. 



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