Schedule Timesheet Approval Reminders

Timesheet approval reminders can be scheduled to send to operation users. A total of 3 reminders can be sent out which display the number of timesheets still needing to be approved.

To set up and schedule reminders:

1. Go to Communication > Communication Content

2. Search for the templates First Reminder (125), Second Reminder (126), & Third Reminder (127) as shown below.


3. Click on one of the titles of the templates to edit the settings.

4. Choose the methods of sending your message:

Send Email =Yes/No if you wish to send reminder via email, and/or

Send SMS = Yes/No if you wish to send via text message


5. You can either use the default message content, or add your own into Email / SMS Content.

6. Use the Scheduler to specify the Day and Time of the reminder.

7. Click Save.

8. Repeat for the other reminders if required.