Export Approved Shifts Report

Data from Approve Shifts can easily be exported to a .csv file.

This is useful if you need to:

  • export all unapproved shifts to send to your managers/supervisors 
  • run a report to compared rostered hours, recorded hours & approved hours (see also Roster Summary Report)
  • run final checks before payroll.

To export:

1. Navigate to Time & Attendance > Approve Shifts.

2. Select the relevant date from Show Results From.

2. Use the filters to select the information you wish to export i.e. Operation = xxx & Shift Type = Unapproved. Or leave as is to export all. 

In the example below we selected the Back of House Roster and all the Approved shifts.

3. Click Apply Filter


4. Click CSV Export.

5. Select the data you wish to export, and click Export CSV.


Csv. report:





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