How to download an employee profile summary (applicant summary)

An employee profile summary relating to screening & onboarding information is available to download as a PDF. This is useful if you need to share information or get sign off on an applicant before approving them. 

The summary information contains:

  • employee ID
  • resume
  • induction
  • gender
  • medical answers
  • licence
  • DOB
  • emergency contact 
  • qualifications
  • right to work
  • equal employment opportunity
  • recruitment stage
  • acknowledgements & consent forms
  • job active provider
  • availability
  • admin comments 

To download the summary:

1. Go to People, Pending People (or Approved if they are already accepted).

2. Search for the employee and click on their name go to their profile.

3. On the main overview page, scroll to the bottom to Actions and click Download Summary.




4. Select the data you wish to export, and click Download.


5. A PDF will be exported into a zip file. 



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