Adding admin users / managers with permission

User settings, allows you to create user groups with preset permissions/restrictions. e.g. for Payroll, Recruitment, Management, Finance etc.

This allows you to apply the user type when adding new users without having to manually apply each restriction.

To create a new admin user:

1. In the quick menu, select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform Settings > Users this will display all user types including Admin-Super Users, Operation Users and Employee users.

2. Select Create Admin User to create a new admin user.


3. Enter in:

  • The full Name of the user. This will automatically generate a unique username.
  • The Email address. This will be used to send them an email to set their password.
  • Their Mobile number. This is required if your users need to sign in using the SMS verification.
  • Permission, select your desired permission group e.g. managers view.
  • Search restriction, select the operation or specific rosters within that operation.
  • Turn on the blue toggle if the user should receive outstanding (STP) Single Touch Payroll submission reminders. This is mostly for finance/payroll teams.
  • Turn on the blue toggle if the new user is a manager Is this Admin assignable as a manager. This allows you to add this new user as a manager on the employee profile.
  • Click Create User.



An email will be sent to the user to notify them and ask they create their own password.


To create a permission group:

1. In Users, select a Permission Group> New Permission group

2.  Select if the Permission Group is for an Admin User or an Operation User.

3. Under Label, name your permission group. e.g. Super User, Payroll, Recruitment, Supervisors.
4. Deselect all the features the user should not be able to see. You can click the title of each category to bulk deselect.
5. Click Save at the bottom. This group is now ready to apply to new users you set up.



Applying a permission group to a new user or existing user:

Permission groups can be applied when setting up a new user, or by editing an existing. To apply to an existing user:

1. In Platform Settings> Users> Users tab, find the user using the search bar.
2. Select the arrow icon for the portal you wish to restrict (admin or operation).
3. Click the Edit icon under Permissions.
4. Select the relevant Permissions Restriction Group, and click Save.


 To deactivate a Admin user:

For audit purposes admin users are not permanent deleted, however they can be deactivated as a user meaning that they cannot access the platform. When they are deactivated they display in grey.

1. In Users> Locate the Admin user you'd like deactive.

2. Click on the ... and select Deactivate Admin User. Once selected their user colour will change from blue to grey.


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